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Winter Trees II

The images in this folio were photographed on a single, glorious day of sun and snow, in March of 2008. A bright, clear sun, perfectly muted by high thin clouds, a sparkling, snow-covered landscape, dry pavement, a warm breeze, and no schedule nor obligations. I poked along down Highway 395 from Pendleton, Oregon to Burns, Oregon and drank it in, a refreshment that only such light, landscape, and fresh desert and mountain air can provide.

This folio consists of five images that truly capture, at least for me, that wonderful day in the still-snowy Oregon desert. I've been photographing in the Oregon desert for 30 years, and this was, without doubt, the best day of photography there in my life. I had been planning to release the Winter Trees I folio this spring, and for a while I struggled with the idea of releasing two winter trees folios at the same time. The images in this folio, however, and that glorious day from which they came were simply too wonderful to let such temporal decisions interfere. So, as odd as it may seem, I'm releasing both folios at the same time.

Winter Trees 2

Folio of 5 Prints

  • Folio size 8x10½"
  • Embossed, die-cut art paper enclosure
  • Five images approximately 7x9"
  • Title page, text page with a poem by Ryōkan (1758 - 1831 A.D.), and colophon page
  • Printed on an Epson 4880 using Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308
  • This folio is in its First Edition, First Printing, April 2008. (More on my editioning philosophy.)

The price for this five-print folio is $75.

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Two PDF Monograph Editions

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The iPad version is new as of November 2010.

The original PDF monograph was published in 2009.

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