Brooks Jensen Arts

Every Picture Is a Compromise

A Series About Keepers and Also-rans

This is a series about my also-rans — photographs I was motivated to make, but somehow or other fell short of my intentions. (Usually because of some bonehead mistake I made.) Some of them I've been able to improve a bit (i.e., "best effort") sometimes even to the status of "keepers," but none of which I would consider my best. With each there are lessons to be learned, lessons I hope are worth sharing, so I will.

I'll post a new image five days a week. It's probably best to navigate to them using the thumbnail links in the Calendar Views below. A "daily dose" of creative learning.

The audio to the right is an introduction to this project. From my LensWork podcast, On Photography and the Creative Process. Probably a good idea to listen to the audio just so you'll have the "ground rules," the "lay of the land," the "concept behind the concept." If nothing else, you'll see what I'm trying to accomplish with this project.

Thanks, fellow travelers on the path of creative photography. Hope you can find something useful from my mistakes. If nothing else, perhaps you will have a good laugh at my expense. I'm OK with that, because it just reinforces the idea that artmaking is a process. You may quote me on that.

Calendar Views (where you will find links to all the images)