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Uchiwa-e: Furusato

The Fan Prints: Ancestral Home

In the fall of 2009, I traveled to Japan with an experiment in mind of making photographs for the uchiwa format. I now understand why this format suited the Japanese printmakers so well; everywhere I turned I found subjects ideally suited to the fan-shaped image.

Furusato (ancestral home) is the fourth of the six “chapters” in this project that represent autumn in Japan. Ask a Japanese person where they come from and the image that will come to their mind is furusato. "Ancestral home" is an approximate translation, but furusato has more to do with a deep memory of the roots of Japanese society and culture rather than a geographic location. Furusato is more where their ancestors came from, back in more innocent times when lives were lived closer to the land. These images come from the furusato village near the mountain town of Tono in Iwate-ken.

Furusato image

Folio of 10 prints

10-print folio of Japanese ancestral home images

  • This folio is 8x10.5” and includes
  • 10 pigment-on-paper color prints, a
  • Title page, haiku page, text page, and colophon.
  • Folios are signed and numbered, but not limited.
  • The cover is made from an acid-free archival art paper – Gilbert Oxford 100# Cover. The warm tone of this paper perfectly matches the warmth of the prints. The self-closing cover is embossed with my name and logo. The die-cut opening displays the folio title.
  • The assembly uses only archival, acid-free materials to protect the life of the prints and pages inside.
  • Each folio is shipped in a sealed, ClearBags™ sleeve.

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iPad Monograph (PDF) Edition

iPad Available as an iPad Monograph from the downloads page.

Six chapters containing all 60 images in the series. This free Acrobat PDF is a stand-alone, screen resolution (72dpi) e-book that serves a an ideal introduction to the project. Although it contains all the images, it does not have the audio or video that appears in the disc version.

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Uchiwa-e PDF