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Tangerine Gifts

In 1990, David Grant Best and Brooks Jensen photographed in the northern region of rural Japan known as Tohoku. From their experiences and photography during that trip, they produced in 1992 a handmade artist’s book called Tangerine Gifts.

Now, using recently rediscovered original letterpress text signatures, this LensWork Special Editions folio recreates Tangerine Gifts in the new “folio format.” As a folio, eighteen of the best images from this trip to Tohoku have been selected for this reissue, produced from new scans of the original negatives.

After the first 80 folios with the letterpress text signatures are sold, additional folios will be made with the text printed in a folded inkjet signature.



This project is available in the following formats:



Folio of 18 prints

  • Folio is 8x10½"
  • Images are approx. 7x9"
  • 18 prints on Harman Glossy FB AL Warmtone
  • Three letterpress text sheets with a story from the trip
  • Embossed art paper enclosure

The 18-print folio is $145
( plus shipping and handling)

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