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October Seas

There is a magic to the sea that touches almost everyone who gazes upon it. The distance, the rhythms, the racing of the surf, the roll of the clouds across the sky — it is a magic that has also drawn artists to the water's edge as long as people have been making pictures — or photographs.

This portfolio is the result of a few incredible winter days in late October 2005 from the rugged central Oregon coastline. I've tried for over 20 years to photograph that silvery light in the surf that bathes the ocean on stormy days, but I've never been successful. During these three glorious day, however, the light and sea, the clouds and even a flock of birds, smiled on me. The images in this were photographed in the short span of one weekend.



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Folio of 12 Prints

Twelve images are offered as a pigment-on-paper printed folio, signed by the photographer and numbered, with an embossed cover. Using archival pigments and paper, each image has been printed by the photographer and produced to archival, museum standards using an Epson 4880 on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 208. The folio measures 8x10.5". The images are mostly 7.5" wide, but vary; the smallest is 7.25" wide. To see a sample folio page, click here.

The entire set of 12 images can be viewed in this PDF.

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