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Hokusai in the Rocks

I found myself wandering the dry and dusty canyons of southern Utah, thinking about the Japanese woodblock printer Hokusai and his famous print, The Great Wave. There it was, up on the canyon wall, that massive wave captured in ancient stone — or so it seemed to my eidetic vision. The more I stared at those ancient rock walls, the more Hokusai images I found — strange to see when one has entered the canyons to make decidedly American landscape photographs of the Desert Southwest. But, that is the power of Hokusai.

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Folio of 11 original prints

The eleven images in this folio are accompanied by a color page of Hokusai's Great Wave ukiyo-e print. There are also a title page, introductory text page, and a numbered colophon page. The images are pigment-on-paper, the folio is printed and signed by the photographer, with an embossed art paper cover.

The folios are produced to archival, museum standards using an Epson 4880 on archival paper. The folio measures 8x10.5". The images are about 7.5x9.5", but vary in size. Here is a more detailed description of a folio.

The 11-print folio is $145

( plus shipping and handling)

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Originally Published June 2014

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Originally Published June 2014 in LensWork Extended #112