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Backstage Kokoro

A "behind-the-scenes" look at selected images in my Kokoro project —
Content, photographic notes, EXIF data, creative process, miscellaneous commentary, and original digital captures. And now with additional audio comments about selected images!

From Kokoro #105 - Electric Skies

Visiting North Dakota with my wife during a family reunion. My knees were bothering me something terrible. I could barely get in and out of the rental car. So, in the spirit of true confession, this entire project was photographed from the car, sitting in the driver seat, handheld, camera pointed out the driver-side window. This violates about a dozen of my photographic rules, but the photographs work so well, it has motivated me to rethink my entire approach to photographing certain subjects. Results count; methods are just methods.

Original digital capture (downsized for the web)

1/3200 sec at f / 5.6, ISO 200, Panasonic DC-G9, LEICA DG 12-60/F2.8-4.0, 52 mm

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