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Backstage Kokoro

A "behind-the-scenes" look at selected images in my Kokoro project —
Content, photographic notes, EXIF data, creative process, miscellaneous commentary, and original digital captures. And now with additional audio comments about selected images!

From Kokoro #089 - Too Much, Too Fast

Two of the principles I take to heart as often as I can are: Don't be afraid to experiment; Photograph from your heart, not from your head.

We were driving in heavy evening traffic on a rainy day. My ears were exhausted listening to Chinese all day — which I don't speak and couldn't understand. My attention started to drift and then I noticed the raindrops and the speeding lights outside the car. Without knowing why I should be interested in photographing this, I just started firing away, photographing from my heart without the foggiest idea of any purpose. Experimenting with a long lens, a high ISO, shallow depth of field, and image stabilization. Not many of the images work, but the ones that do speak to me deeply.

Original digital capture (downsized for the web)

1/10 sec at f / 3.6, ISO 3200, Panasonic DMC-G85, LEICA DG 12-60/F2.8-4.0, 27 mm

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