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Backstage Kokoro

A "behind-the-scenes" look at selected images in my Kokoro project —
Content, photographic notes, EXIF data, creative process, miscellaneous commentary, and original digital captures. And now with additional audio comments about selected images!

From Kokoro #026 - Lesser Fleas

Time for a confession. In the pursuit of a more dramatic and compelling art photograph, I painted in the cloud shadows. The original digital capture shows the rather bland midday light that existed when I snapped the shutter. I liked the composition, but not the light.

Is that cheating? Well, we don't hesitate to change the contrast of a scene; we manipulate the exposure in any way that seems to fit the mood we intend; we dodge and burn without guilt. Why not add a shadow if it improves the composition? Huntington Witherill refers to this as "orchestrating the light." I like that term. And I don't hesitate to do so as long as the final result seems natural and plausible.

Original digital capture (downsized for the web)

1/320 sec at f / 9.0, ISO 100, Panasonic DMC-G2, LUMIX G VARIO 45-200/F4.0-5.6, 61 mm

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