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Backstage Kokoro

A "behind-the-scenes" look at selected images in my Kokoro project —
Content, photographic notes, EXIF data, creative process, miscellaneous commentary, and original digital captures. And now with additional audio comments about selected images!

From Kokoro #102 - Moments Across the Divide

There's a funny story about this guy. I was photographing a Chinese opera being performed in a local neighborhood. The stage was about 7 feet above ground level and the audience, including me, had to look up at the performance. It made for some funny angles and odd converging lines in my initial photographs.

To solve this problem, I positioned my camera on a monopod and raised it to stage level like a periscope popping up for a peek of the action. I tried to find positions where I wouldn't be blocking the view of the audience. The best angle was from around the side of the stage. I wanted to capture this guy looking at the camera and eventually he obliged.

I love the juxtaposition of the ancient instrument and the modern electronic studio mic — curiously enought, the very same styleI use to record my podcasts.

Contact sheet (downsized for the web)

1/25 sec at f / 5.6, ISO 400, Panasonic DMC-G1, LUMIX G VARIO 45-200/F4.0-5.6, 189 mm

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