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I don't consider myself a videographer, but from time to time I do dabble in it. It's a fascinating medium and one that I think does have a comfortable bridge from still photography.

Below is a list of the videos I've produced and links to their individual pages.

Market Day, Baotou, China, January 2011

I've assembled some images made during a recent trip to China into a simple, uncomplicated slide show to demonstrate the power of simple environmental audio. I encourage you to review the slideshow with your audio muted, then again with the audio playing. It's an amazing difference! If you are a photographer, start capturing audio to go with your images. It's fun and and incredibly powerful addition to a presentation of still images.

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Rikuzen Tomiyama

In 2009, I once again visited the northern Japan region known as Tohoku. It was my fourth trip there to photograph the rural scenes and rugged Pacific coast. This video was made in the oyster harvesting village of Rikuzen Tomiyama, one of the town most devastated by tsunami that destroyed so much of the northern Japanese coast just 9 months after my visit.

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Hope Eternal

In North Dakota there is wind. On occasion, it stops blowing for a while, but not long. It blows day and night, spring and fall. It's a hard land to make a living on. This keeps many from trying, but not all. There are those who believe they are stronger than the wind, stronger than the winters, stronger than the elements that fight them day and night. To them, hope springs eternal.

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Bass Mood

Near my home in Anacortes is the Padilla Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Fancy name for a giant low-tide mud flat. It's a great place to be a bird or a mollusc. The mud is dark, wet, slippery, sloppy. In the rain at low tide, it's a droning bass tone . . . which inspired this short video.

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