Brooks Jensen Arts

Site Philosophy

The Website

This website is about life — specifically using photography and media to explore the world. At least my little corner of it.

I think and work in projects. The website is organized this way, too.

I hope you'll also find meaningful things, useful things, moving things, fun things. Thanks for stopping by.

The Work

In terms of media, you'll find photography, audio, video, text; single images, folios, and downloadable PDFs; short things, long things; free things, things for sale; collectible things, and disposable things.

Be sure to check out the PDF Publications page. Digital books in the form of PDFs you can download and view on your computer using the free Acrobat Reader.

The Free Downloadable Contents

Most photography websites are electronic brochures lots of pictures, organized by category, with prices. They are pixel galleries meant to entice you to the "real" thing - the collectible, purchasable, photographs.

The downloadable content on this website is not that.

Instead, think of the downloads as well, a library — a resource, a bookstore without price tags, a place where you can find, "take home" and then keep on your hard drive a full photographic project — for free. Actual content. The thing itself. Like books without paper. Finished artwork.

The downloadable projects scattered throughout this website are not "electronic reproductions" of the real, physical artwork. They are the originals themselves. Typically, these are Acrobat PDF files a format I find ideal for my artwork. A given title may contain images, text, video, audio. More importantly, my hope is that they contain an emotion, a reaction, a revelation, a thought, a mood, a question, a connection.

It's best to download the file in its entirety and view offline, direct from your computer's hard drive. I strive to make the files a reasonable size, but they are larger than the typical quick-loading webpage — for which I make no apologies. My intention is not to compromise on quality or content for the sake of speed. Here are some instructions that might help.

Originals for Sale

Every artist has a responsibility to fund their own art — at least I think so. I don't rely on grants or the good will of donations. I do offer my work for sale — at "real people" prices. Artwork that cannot be owned cannot stay alive.

In most projects you will find individual prints, folios sets of prints, digital media publications, books and other goodies for sale you might be interested in.


Most of my new printed work is now pigment on paper. Here is why

I still do have some gelatin silver prints as well as some Polaroid prints. Inquiries welcome via email.

The PDFs are all Adobe Acrobat version 6, 7 or greater. They cannot be viewed with versions earlier than Acrobat version 6. They can be view with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or the full Acrobat program.

Videos are either MPEG, WMV, or MOV. You will need the appropriate player software to access the videos.

Audio files are all MP3 format.