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The main vehicle for my digital artwork is Kokoro — a serially published image journal. The latest updates can always be found below. I try to publish a new installment every 4th day.

Also on this page, you'll find other new projects/publications. For a complete list of all my projects, folios, chapbooks, prints, and other PDFs, visit the Projects Page.

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Wandering Through a Photographic Life

An Image Journal with Commentary, Meditation, Philosophy, and Unanswered Questions

Latest installment: 019 - Clara's Garden (Feb 26, 2015)


A new PDF every 4th day
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Previous February 2015 installments: 018 | 017 | 016 | 015 | 014 | 013

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Feb 2015 (7 installments, 66-pages, 25mB, single PDF)
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(12 installments, 95-pages, 37mB, single PDF)

NEW for 2015!
Made of Steel Tablet Edition
Newly designed PDF specifically for iPad and Android Tablets

From my grandfather I learned to love the polish of long-used tools and the unmistakable aroma of oil and fresh metal filings. I can still smell his shop and hear his voice – thick with his old-world Armenian accent – echo in the tall ceilings. I guess he also taught me to love the stories and manners of old, greasy machine shop men. Details …

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